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Embarking on a New Chapter

Andy's Journey to 26

As I reflect on an incredible 8-year journey with DEPT®, the time has come to turn the page to a new chapter. It's with a mix of excitement and thoughtful contemplation that I announce my move to 26, where I will begin a new role as a Technical Architect starting from April 2024.

DEPT® has been a place of professional growth, challenge, and countless memories. From my start as a Senior .net Developer to becoming the Head of Backend Development, each role has profoundly shaped my professional journey. The quarterly quizzes I had the pleasure of conducting brought a spirit of unity and enjoyment, creating moments we all looked forward to.

While my tenure at DEPT® has come to an end, it was an era filled with invaluable experiences and growth. The time has revealed a new path, and the opportunity at 26 shines brightly on the horizon. Embracing this change, I am enthusiastic about the fresh perspectives and innovative challenges that await in my role as a Technical Architect.

To the clients I’ve had the privilege of working with:

Your trust and partnership have been one of the highlights of my career. It’s been more than a client-developer relationship; it’s been a friendship forged through shared goals and challenges. A special mention to the team at Jotun – working with you for 7 of the 8 years at DEPT® has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you for your unwavering support, collaborative spirit, and the opportunities to create meaningful work together.

To the team at Optimizely:

Working with your cutting-edge technology has been a highlight of my time at DEPT®. The innovative projects we've tackled together have not only driven tangible results but have also pushed me to constantly learn and adapt. I'm looking forward to continuing our collaboration at 26 and taking our successes to even greater heights.

To my colleagues at DEPT®

Your camaraderie, resilience, and the unforgettable projects we delivered will always be treasured. Thank you for the shared experiences, the support, and the fun our quiz nights brought us. I leave with respect for what we've built and memories that will last a lifetime.

To the team at 26

I am genuinely excited to contribute my experience, energy, and passion for digital innovation to our collaborations. Here's to forging ahead with impactful, cutting-edge solutions together.

As I transition from Manchester to Leeds, from DEPT® to 26, I'm motivated by the prospect of new challenges and the chance to contribute to another chapter of innovation and success. Change is an invitation to push beyond the familiar, and I am fully embracing this opportunity to join a team that values bold steps and fresh ideas. Here's to embracing new challenges, seizing new opportunities, and achieving new heights of success.

Andy Blyth

Andy Blyth, a Technical Architect with a keen interest in martial arts, occasionally ventures into blogging when memory serves.

Andy Blyth