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New site for Wife of a Geek

After initially building the first Wife of a Geek site with Wordpress, which we both found frustrating and 'flaky' I decided to invest some time into building Jo a proper site, which actually does what she needs and performs a lot better.

Lighthouse - Wife of a Geek
Screenshot from Lighthouse for Wife of a Geek

The site is built on a very similar stack to this site, the CMS is Contentful.

Azure Cognitive Search is used, but for Wife of a Geek it powers a lot more of the site, compared to this site where it currently only powers the search. This is because the search was implemented after this site was built. I do plan to make more pages on this site powered by Azure Cognitive Search as well.

The Wife of a Geek site also uses in memory caching, like this site, but doesn't currently have Redis backplane caching like this site does.

Cloudflare also sits in front of both sites, keep them fast and secure.

You can view the Wife of a Geek Website at https://www.wifeofageek.co.uk

Andy Blyth

Andy Blyth, a Technical Architect with a keen interest in martial arts, occasionally ventures into blogging when memory serves.

Andy Blyth