Contentful Certified Professional

At the start of the week, Dept offered me the opportunity to take my Contentful Professional Certification. Having worked with Contentful for quite some time now, this made perfect sense, and not something that would take long to prepare for.

Contentful Certified Professional Certificate
Contentful Certified Professional Certificate

Promoted to Technical Architect

Following on from passing my certification on Monday, during Dept UK's Town Hall meeting, it was announced that I was promoted, something I knew about, but thought the timeline was the pipeline for the next 6(ish) months, so that was a pleasant surprise. The role is evolving and changing slightly, so I don't quite know what is expected from me yet, but in the next few weeks I am sure all will become clear.


The next thing for me now is the Optimizely (Episerver) Content Cloud Certification, which is a much bigger task, and something I am a lot more stressed/nervous about. Hopefully, it will all be fine and I will be stressing over nothing.

Andy Blyth
Andy Blyth PgDip BSc(Hons) FdSc

Andy Blyth is a technical architect/senior C# developer, studies martial arts and attempts to write blog posts (when he remembers). He currently works as an Optimizely (Episerver) Technical Architect at the Dept in Manchester, UK.