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Some of the random POC's/experiments I have put together to help me learn new tech/make my life easier.

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Optimizely on Aspire Demo

This project is very basic and is more focussed on using Aspire with Optimizely.


T-Shirts made using GPT, Printify and listed on Etsy

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Code Katas

Code Kata's completed as part of DEPT® Tech Days

Blazor gRPC Image Search

I wanted to better understand Blazor and gRPC, so quickly knocked this together, it doesn't do anything fancy, but I got Blazor loading in from a gRPC stream endpoint and all setup with .proto files.

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SDL Topology Generator

Something to make setting up the topology in SDL Web 8 easier, as it can currently only be run using powershell scripts, which are prone to error, and prove quite laborious to write.